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The 19th of June we were confronted with the sad news that on the 18th of June, just before midnight, Reiner Georgii (Georgy for his friends) passed away in the nursing home he was in the last month’s of his life.
For him a relieve after all his suffering.
But with him also a lot of knowledge about breeding “the old type” Barbet vanished.

Our first encounter with Georgy and his companion Inge Fisher was in 2000.
We were thinking about getting another breed and mutual friends suggested us the Barbet and gave us the address of La Léobonnerie in Bélâbre, France.
We fell in love for the Barbet immediately.
In those days the Barbet was not so popular and it was difficult for breeders to sell their pups, so the number of litters was restricted.
We had to wait for three years to be able to buy our first Barbet.

On the 22nd of May 2003 the U-litter was born.
Georgy’s kennel name is Poppenspäler.
The father and mother of the U-litter were Poppenspäler’s Poil Armagnac and Poppenspäler’s Sangria.
Georgy worked together with Mme. Pêtre and as a tribute to her he put the U-litter in her name and the name of her Kennel: Di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco.

When the pups were 6 weeks old we went to see them in order to make a choice, so after a 2-week’s holiday in the Dordogne we would be able to take the pup to our home.
But it was not that easy. We had to stay overnight in the guesthouse.
Georgy wanted to judge for himself we were “worth” a Barbet.
At first we were astonished because we never had experienced something like that with breeders but it felt good to meet a breeder with so much love for his pups. The money was not his first interest but a good match for the pup.
Something to value and follow.
We choosed our Udine di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco (in fact: she choosed us).
When we came back 2 weeks later Georgy had to go to the vet with her because she had an infection.
If we wanted we could choose another pup, but we insisted to Udine, what he obviously appreciated.
Udine has given us joy for 8 years now.
We regularly passed by La Léobonnerie on our way to the Dordogne.
Udine immediately recognised the place she was born and Georgy.
In all these years we had quite some conversations with Georgy and Inge.
We enjoyed his special kind of humour.
He did a lot of showing and hunting with his dogs.
We heard about his fight with Mr. Hermans, the president of the French Club that introduced the inbreeding of the Poodle in the Barbet.

Georgy was furious about that. He literally said Mr. Hermans never had a Barbet, only Barboodles.

Finally the Club recognised all the work Georgy had done for the Barbet by nominating him an honorary member.

The last years he lost his pleasure in the Barbets. Due to his health, but also because of the slander of people he thought were his friends.

Thank you, Georgy, for all you have done for the Barbet and especially for giving us Udine. We hope with you that the Barboodles don’t take over the type of Barbet you stood for.
We will always remember the fine times we had with you.

Our first visit at Georgy’s since we had Udine in October 2004

Georgy came to visit us when Udine’s first litter was born.
He obviously enjoyed himself as the pictures show

Georgy at the National d’ Elevage in 2007

At that moment he was even showing his old Lagotto, called Lagotta

For this National d’ Elevage in 2007 Georgy donated a cup for the Winner.
In that year we were lucky to see our Amy win with the Barbets and our Duchy win
with the Lagotti. Duchy finally won the show so got the cup out of the hands of Georgy.
We were very proud to be the first winners of this cup.

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